Woah! This is a Thing!

Okay, so I’ve been ridiculous and haven’t updated this page since October. But…nothing has really happened in all this time.

Until yesterday!

Yesterday we finally got to start rehearsals for The Shadow Box, and even from just a preliminary read-through, I know it’s going to be fantastic, because the cast and crew are totally fantastic.

We start table work tonight, and then we’ll move to blocking, and ultimately we’ll be performing! And then Finals and then summer and then…Scotland!

As far as fundraising goes, I’ve had some success, but mainly the money is going to the group fund rather than to me specifically. We’re having a departmental fundraising dinner/show on Saturday, so hopefully that’ll go really well.

I’m still selling paintings, if that’s your cup of tea, and I’m exploring some other creative options that I hope to tell y’all about soon!

That’s really all I’ve got for you at the moment, and also my phone is being dumb and “correcting” things that don’t need correcting in ways that are actually a total disaster, so I’ll sign off for now.

– Melissa


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