The Night Before Everything Changed

Okay, so the title’s a bit extreme (both in length and in terms of exaggeration levels) but I really don’t care too much. Because…

We leave for Scotland tomorrow! Though the truth of that reality hasn’t really sunk in for me. Or for any of the friends that I’ve talked to.

The last week has been dull: just working on a bunch of house projects and waiting for tomorrow to get here already. I did get to see my horse for the first time in three months today! Not that that has anything to do with Scotland, but my blog, my rules.

Also, I don’t have anything else interesting to talk about here Stateside.

Oh! I still have to finish packing. Surprise! Actually, I’m justified in my apparent laziness because it’s not laziness because I’ve been living (read: “working my tail off”) in a house with no laundry facilities for over a week and I just now got to do all the laundry that I need to pack. So I’ll go grab it from the dryer and pack it in a couple of minutes before I fall into bed and sleep for a few hours.

And then at 6am tomorrow we’ll all meet at the school to begin this journey.

(this is when i’m supposed to say that i’ll talk to you at the end of my first day in scotland but instead i’m suspecting that i’ll just fall asleep because our plane lands in the morning and then we tour all day before we can sleep and that sounds so exhausting that i’m tired just thinking about it except i’m actually just tired because i have killed my sleep schedule over the past week and i’m super behind on sleep. so…yeah. also, capital letters don’t belong in this paragraph.)

Catch ya later!
– Melissa


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